Blaze 7th-8th Grade Volleyball Camps


Fall FUNdamental Volleyball Program – sold out


Country Fire’s developmental program for young athletes starts with girls who are looking to really work on building their skill set from an early age and parents who understand that the younger they can get the girls in the gym learning the correct form, the better prepared they will be in their volleyball career.

We start with basic fundamentals of volleyball to get them started early and to learn correct habits. The coaches teaching this program are club coaches with years of experience on and off the court that will build the girls skills, confidence and teach them how to play in a team environment. We will work on areas in serving, passing (helping the girls understand that it starts with their feet and ends at their platform), setting, hitting (footwork and timing) and moving around on the court and being aggressive. Most importantly, we strive to make volleyball fun and show them ways to feel successful in every practice.

We practice for 8 weeks (16 practices) on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30-8:00pm


Who: 5th-8th Graders

When: September 7th-October 28th

Where: The VolleyBarn XL- 3831 E. Hwy 29, Bertram, TX

Price: $375

Limit 20 girls


$ 0.00