How to Begin the Recruiting Process:

The recruiting process starts at different times for different players because some due to ability, some due to knowledge of the process, and others due to procrastination. No matter what has held you back from the process, here are a few guidelines. The process begins one of two ways:

1. First a college coach identifies you as a potential prospect. This could happen by the coach seeing you play at a tournament, camp, recruiting website, or some type of volleyball event. 

2. The second way is you identify a school that you have interest in and you begin making contact through filling out online forms, attending camps, sending letters, making phone calls to the coach, or sending a recruiting video.

Next Steps:

Now you have started making school contact with schools. You have done so via online prospects forms and followed up with a letter of interest accompanied by your player profile and recruiting video. NOW WHAT?

Here are a few recommendations for this part of the process. 

  1. Get in the gym and get better. At this point your goal should be to get better. We recommend getting in the gym for individual lessons (either small group or private sessions). You should take advantage of club-offered sessions. Work hard at all of your skills. Watch film and be a student of the game. This will help you be a smarter player on the court. Every coach loves those kinds of players. Finally, make sure you are in shape, working on your jumping ability, core strength, and develop increased speed and quickness. 
  2. Study! Grades are the most important thing in the recruiting process. Without them, the coach will not spend the energy to recruit you. Make sure that you have the GPA to get accepted, even if you were not being recruited. STUDY! 
  3. Every so often follow up with a school. Following up with a school can be intimidating. You are a young high school athlete and you are speaking with a college coach. What do you say? What do you ask? Below are a few questions that could help you get started. We do not recommend asking all the questions in one phone call. Remember be yourself.

Questions for College Coaches: 

  1. How large is the school? What is the undergraduate enrollment?
  2. Is the school in a safe environment/ community?
  3. How big is the city that the school resides in?
  4. Do students go home on the weekends or do they hang around campus?
  5. What are the strongest degree programs offered and which are the best academic departments?
  6. Does the university offer the major that you are interested in?
  7. Do most of the students live on or off campus? Where do most of the players on the team live?
  8. What is the student housing like?
  9. Are most of the player’s roommates with one another?
  10. Is the school on quarters, semesters, or trimesters?
  11. What was the team’s conference and overall record this past season?
  12. How many players do you carry on your roster? Do all players travel? (Ask the second question if they
    carry a high number of players like 16 or more)
  13. What training happens between seasons?
  14. What time of day are the practices typically?
  15. Do freshmen have study tables?
  16. What are the training facilities like?
  17. What style of play does your team play?
  18. What are the goals for the team in the future?
  19. How well does the team get along?
  20. What is your coaching philosophy and demeanor in practice and matches?
  21. What is the environment at your home matches? Expectations on match days?
  22. How long have you coached at your college / university?
  23. How many players at my position do you have on the roster?